Cyber Physiology: SimBioSys

Experiment with a Simulation

The SimBioSys software packages simulate the physiological functions of the human body, allowing health professionals to practice their skills on a realistic patient. Cyber Physiology Programs are delivered on a specialized computational platform that enables the fast real-time computing and solving of over 200 differential equations with over 1000 physiological variables.

Control Patient Variables

MonitorsUsers can direct medical interventions and analyze patient response in a comprehensive, real-time, virtual environment. Experiment with a simulated, living patient by modeling blood loss, give a host of drugs or fluids, or use clinical tools (such as pacemaker or a mechanical ventilator). The screen can be set up to display a variety of different graphs or outputs and the user can change the properties of the human body directly.

  • Lung Gas Exchange
  • Shunt and Dead Space
  • Static Lung Mechanics
  • Dynamic Lung Mechanics
  • Fluid Balance
  • Acid Base Physiology
  • Body Fluid Compartments
  • Renal Filtration