Fully Interactive 3d Virtual Reality

Cyber Science 3D is a comprehensive package of detailed, interactive virtual reality experiences focused on aiding in the learning and exploration of natural phenomena, biological concepts, physics, and mechanical systems as well as many more.  Cyber Science 3D provides a unique, immersive, and visual experience that allows education institutions, government, or businesses to observe and interact with high fidelity models of structures in full 3D for all kinds of learning and training applications.  Cause and effect simulations allow the user to learn or train at their own pace, which is the essence of our products.

Jay Crutchfield, MD, FACS

Dept. of Anatomy Director for the School of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona-AT Still University

Jay Crutchfield“Cyber Anatomy is the core program around which our virtual anatomy curriculum revolves. Our virtual anatomy lab (VAL) is the first of its kind in the state of Arizona and the ability to view difficult anatomy–and the corresponding cross-sectional imagery–is invaluable to our students’ understanding of anatomy. Today, medical students no longer view anatomy in operating room as “open” procedures. Endoscopic technology has revolutionized anatomy to the point where so many operations are performed in two-dimensions, and viewed by the surgeon on a television monitor, that a program like Cyber Anatomy, which blends 3D anatomy with cross-sectional two-dimensional anatomy, bridges the gap in the visualization of the human body not previously available. The cadaver remains a tool but not the ONLY tool and, dare I say, no longer the most important tool, in the education of medical professionals. Programs like Cyber Anatomy supplement, when integrated into the medical school curriculum, could potentially change the way students learn anatomy before they step into an operating room.”

Darren Hoffmann, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Vice Chair of Educational Programs with the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine

Hoffman,Darren“Cyber Anatomy has become an essential component of our Anatomy programs at the University of Iowa. I use Cyber Anatomy regularly in lectures to illustrate relationships that are particularly difficult for students to understand from flat textbook images. Often I can cut the explanation time in half by rotating a 3D model of a region instead of verbally explaining it from 3 different static views. It’s also an instant attention-getter in the lecture hall – 100% of the students are focused on understanding what they are seeing on the screen.”

Who Uses Our Technology?

  • Harvard Medical School, USA
  • Cornell Medical School, USA
  • Al Hasa University, SAUDI ARABIA
  • Hampton University, VA, USA
  • University of Cairo, CAIRO, EGYPT
  • The University of Chicago, IL, USA
  • The University of Iowa, IOWA CITY, IA, USA
  • North Atlantic University, DOHA, QATAR
  • University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, JAPAN
  • Taif University, Taif, SAUDI ARABIA
  • Masterskill Education Grp Berhad, MALAYSIA
  • La Salle University, MEXICO
  • University of NA, NewFoundland, CANADA
  • Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA
  • University of Keele, UNITED KINGDOM
  • International Univ of Health, JAPAN