MoleculeOur Cyber Science 3D chemistry series offers a compelling set of activities to reinforce traditional study, focusing on immersive visual activities and fully interactive models and simulations.

Our Interactive Periodic Table enables an instructor to dynamically present the groups and trends of elements, illustrating why the Periodic Table is organized as it is. Our ‘Atom Sandbox’ supports several different displays of atoms for each element, including Bohr, Energy, and Quantum Mechanics Models. The user is able to ionize atoms, step through stable and unstable isotopes, and even trigger dynamic radioactive decays. Our ‘Molecule Viewer’ enables the display of common molecules, and provides hands-on activities such as constructing a molecule from its constituent elements.

Our team is currently expanding the chemistry series to include dynamic reactions to support the analysis of the formation and decomposition of compounds subject to a variety of catalysts!

  • Atom Sandbox
  • Molecules
  • Periodic Table
  • Quantum Shells