CottonThe Cyber Science 3D Botany series focuses on demonstrating botanical systems at various stages of development. Our Corn model includes three stages of development: a kernel, a seedling, and a stalk. Our Gingko Tree offers views of a Gingko Tree, a Gingko Leaf, and a microscopic leaf cross-section.

Each plant is fully dissectible, and provides a full array of user controls: rotate, zoom, pan, peel/stick, hide/unhide, transparency, and explode.

Current work is focused on providing user-definable labels and incorporating 3D animations to demonstrate the form and function of individual botanical objects. We are also adding to our line of botanical models beginning with a Forest Layers activity, detailed Stem and Root dissections, and new dissectible Joshua and Redwood Trees!

  • Plant Cell
  • Seed
  • Sponge
  • Wheat